一家领先的癌症研究中心估计,“患者可操作的突变目前只有10%至20%实际上最终在[目标]药物或审判。” *怎么能这样呢?而我们能做些什么呢?

It’s unfortunate but true — in the reality of clinical cancer care, actionable genomic data by itself does not necessarily translate into saving lives. Inefficient workflows, unstructured data, and lack of software interoperability all stand between a tumor profile result and delivery of a potentially lifesaving drug to a patient. In other words, actionable information is useful only if a physician can act on it.

但山间医疗保健,一个Syapse客户,狗万注册提出了有针对性的治疗采购率癌症患者的82%有一个可操作的体细胞突变通过在通过自己内部的专科药房延伸到药品采购和导航服务集成的工作流的临床和分子数据。That’s why we built Syapse Oncology — to equip healthcare provider systems with software to implement scalable, efficient precision oncology programs that enable clinicians to act on insights based on patients’ molecular profiles.

With the arrival of two new features — drug ordering and clinical trial enrollment — Syapse Oncology now enables clinicians to go seamlessly from viewing tumor profiling results and clinical decision support to procuring suggested therapies and enrolling patients into molecularly matched clinical trials.

药品订货。虽然“精确药”依靠新一代测序技术精确,这个功能得到了什么药物给患者。To determine eligibility for a targeted cancer therapy and route the prescription appropriately — processes that often complicate or block drug procurement entirely — specialty pharmacies need more information than what is included in a prescription (e.g., prior failed therapies, genomic data, lab results). Syapse is replacing what is today a manual process that relies on clinical staff to search for clinical data across multiple systems and copy them to paper forms that are then faxed.







With these features, Syapse Oncology plays a major role in our mission to make precision medicine a routine part of the entire cancer care journey, starting with an integrated view of a patient’s clinical history, and extending beyond test orders and results to include drug procurement and enrollment into molecularly matched clinical trials.